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Welcome to Advanced Advertising Artwork Design & Laser Engraving and our specialty division Faithful Friends Memorials.

Our Specialty is Laser engraving. Our products are as endless as your  imagination is limitless. We love to work on all pet supplies but focus on laser etched  photo graphics on pet loss memento's like pet grave markers, memorial stones and plaques. We can help you create and bring interesting ideas and concepts to life.


Our newest custom made item, solid wood Urns for Dogs up to 105 lbs. We laser engrave an image of your pet with the wording of your choice all for $149.99 plus shipping, these items sell for $500.00 or more with no engraved plaque inset, these are very unique and personal having your own real image not some generic drawing or graphic. Many different types of wood are available being Pine, Birch and for a small additional charge solid oak. These urns are suitable for either pets or people. They have a removable bottom, held securely in place with 8 screws, which can be sealed with a small amount of sealant.

Take great pride in all of our unique products dealing with both pet loss and also those celebrating the ongoing relationships we have with our existing pets. It is hard to think of us as dealing in pet supplies market but we believe our products celebrate all of our pets both past and present and are part of our pet experience.

Our pet supplies products are things that help deal with the issue of pet loss and although quite traumatic we must be able to move on with our lives. Just because they have been taken from us does not diminish or take away from the incredible impact they have had on our lives.

I think it is hard to move on if we have not dealt with our feelings of grief from our last special friend. We are here and have a mission. It is to make beautiful, reasonably priced pet grave markers or other memorial products to help celebrate the special relationships we shared. I think it is in many ways the least we can do for them for all the endless unconditional love they shared with us.

Our pet supplies products can include artistic images, photo's, drawings on many materials such as Granite, Slate, Glass, Mirror, Metal, Ceramic tiles, Leather, Wood, Art prints, Picture frames and more.   Let us show you a few things we have done.

beautiful pet loss memorial stones custom made

Pet grave markers and monuments for all your animal needs big or smallwe offer many different pet supplies for all your needs








Multi-Tile Murals made to your specifications on many materials 

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Our purpose and mission is to make beautiful memorial for special people and pets. No job is complete until you are happy with it. We only have one quality of work... it is our best every time. We do what we love and we love what we do, come on and let us share your thought with us to make something special.
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