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Special People Stones
We offer a variety of special stones and Urns for lost loved ones.

Several years ago I built my first solid oak urn only a few days after my dearly departed father left us. I wanted to offer an alternative to the high priced usual markets without scrimping on quality.             

Older Sandblasted image                 New Laser Image

We feel people would not only want the best for your departed loved one but one that is not necessarily  indicated by the highest price. 

This was a very nice infant memorial we just made.

Choosing to have something custom made to dignify and give tribute someone you loved, feels so much better than purchasing an "off the shelf" mass produced item.

Our craftsman puts his heart into it  is almost as much of a bonus as the reasonable prices for these unique pieces. 

The image of my father is displayed on our main page and is quite special to me. It was made in the memory of my father I and felt proud in doing so. Since that time I have now upgraded to the new process which will allow me upgrade this to the incredible mage on the right.  

These stones make beautiful war memorials for those who served   and paid the ultimate price in loving their country, as well as our hero's in the  Police or Fire fighting or Emergency services...

This is one such memorial for a local R.C.M.P. lost in 2003.

Speaking of Memorials we presently Donate a 12 x 12 memorial plaque for any Canadian Law Enforcement person or Firefighter who is lost in the line of duty. It is the least we can do to give back to those who have given the ultimate for our protection and well being.

All we ask is that the postage be covered by the person making the request.  Please email us with information.

Stone Pricing

Stone pricing is the same and based on size and number of pictures worked with. All we need is a few good contrasting pictures either color or black and white to get started. You will have time to chose the perfect wording you would like to have engraved  on your stone.

If there is some additional artwork involved there may be a small additional charge, this is very rare. Most stones can be completed in the included one hour of artwork on each stone. As in any project though there can always be difficulty with a graphic application and since we have to apply four or five different processes.
Have a special request, lets work together on it.
We enjoy making dreams and ideas come to life. If you have one we would love to help you make it a reality. Don't hesitate to ask questions. That's how you get exactly what you wanted and gratification experienced with the completed project you helped design and complete. the piece of mind and feelings in your heart that you paid for. These are the kinds of things we are talking about.

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