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This is how the memorials are created.

The process for creating a beautiful memorial starts by deciding what elements we will include on it.

For People: If you do not have a suitable portrait or would prefer not to include one, you may choose to have a tribute or poem added in place of a photo.
here for an example with no photograph.

For Your Pet: If you feel you do not have a suitable photograph of your pet available, We have a large choice of graphics available on our site and we can add any special phrasing desired.
here to view a text list of available animal graphics.  

The 5 Steps.

Step 1

This image should be one with a highly contrasting color.   If you can please submit at least 3 to 4 pictures and I will try to pick the best one to work with. All photo's will be returned undamaged.

Step 2

We require that you provide a scanned picture to us in high quality 300 dpi  black and white. If you are unable then you can mail it to us we will scan it and process it for you. The photo will be returned unharmed.

Step 3

The image is processed and digitized. it is then formatted to be able to be laser engraved on to the memorial stone. 

Step 4

We then set up a template showing the photo and the text style and wording chosen by the customer. We complete a proof and send it for your final approval prior to actually creating the memorial.

Step 5

The Memorial stone is placed in the high power laser and all of the parameters are set for the desired material to give the best possible result. Once the laser engraving is complete it leaves a beautiful permanent image on the granite. The granite is very durable and scratch resistant. It will weather very well and provide a beautiful memorial for many years.

Half an hour of artwork is included with each stone, this is enough time to complete most projects. If additional time is required it will be charged at an hourly rate of $25.00 CAN. Most images will not exceed this time frame. 
Due to the fact we are dealing with a natural stone product, the grain and color can differ. The proof we send you is an actual picture and not exactly what the completed image will look like. Pictures with very light or dark pictures are difficult to process. If you are not happy with the results we will do our best to make you happy. If we cannot fix your problem we must retain some fees for mailing and material costs. The quality of the photo's you submit with ultimately determine the outcome of the engraving.

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