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Here is a natural chipped edge slate engraving. These are very nice and give superior photo quality. All  we need a picture and the wording you would like to engrave on this. This material can be cut to size and come standard as  12 x 16 and 8 x 16 sizes.

Last but not least is an 8 x 10 wooden framed laser etched photo wood award. The quality of the engraving on these is incredible and has a 3 d effect as it is etched down into the photo-wood. We need the same information as above so we can make this a special award for you. You can add whatever wording you would like on the frame or in the picture itself, these are very unique.

Here is a old time western style laser wood photo.

This is our newest addition a totally personalized 5 x 7 grad frame for any type of graduation. We add the school name, person graduating and the date all included for $24.95 plus 5.00 shipping. This can be done for birthdays, anniversary or wedding presents as well. You design it and we will make it.

Please feel free to contact us at jims@faithfulfriends.ca or by phone at 780-675-5850. Our mailing address is Faithful Friends Memorials, 78 Camelot Ave, Leduc, AB. T9E 4L6

We have made a wide variety of memorial stones for many different animals and people.

If you search through the web for Pet memorials and pet monuments you will see there types of pet supplies come in a large variety of sizes and styles and especially price. You will also see a format of charging for every little item when you order. Price per line of lettering, extra for graphics. I am sure when you compare and see what you get for your money you will notice the price of my stones are very reasonable. I believe that our pets and their loving owners come first. Along with a lot of technology and hard work, a little piece my heart and the love I have shared for my lost little friends goes into every one of these projects.

If you feel you do not have a suitable photograph of your pet available Click here to view a text list of available animal graphics.

Afgan   Akita   Basset   Beagle   Border Collie Boxer   Bulldog   Bull Terrier   Cocker   Collie Dachshund   Dalmation   Great Dane Greyhound Keeshond    Pekingese    Pointer    Poodle Poodle2    Rottweiller    Scottish    Scottish2 Sheltie    Sheltie2    Shepherd     Shepherd2 Shihtsu     Springer   

Other products we make for our living pets and friends.

Since I am able to do beautiful graphics on Granite we make many things other than pet grave markers. I also produce beautiful presentation materials for special events including Weddings, Anniversaries and awards of any type. If you would like something out of the ordinary that you can take part in designing give these a quick look.


This Anniversary plaque shows both with and without gold fill in the lettering.





This was a beautiful wedding present for a family member. These granite stones will heat up in the microwave and stay hot on the table for some time.


Make sure you protect your table from the heat with a towel or other suitable backing.
They are very unique and usable compared to the standard silver platter that only comes out when you visit once every five years.



Our newest addition to the product line is a 4 x 6 picture frame engraved with your loved ones name and message as well as your choice of dates. These special memorial frames  include wording included as per your custom specifications.

4x6 Laser etched picture frames are $18.99 plus shipping of $4.00

We have also just introduced a mirror with a laser engraved photo image of your special pet done from the rear side of the glass, that means that it is still smooth on the front and has a 3 D effect. These mirrored pictures include a picture and wording. 

Memorial mirrors are a new addition and have the image etched into the back of the mirror, the cost of these items is $39.99 plus $10.00 Shipping.  


Here are some incredible oak plaque dedicated to my little sheltie Buster. All though these would not last as pet grave markers they will look beautiful indoors and have an integral wall hanger routed into them.  These memorial wooden pictures are 33.98 Plus shipping of 4.00 for USA destinations. 


These Rainbow bridge memorials are about 10 x 12 inches and are on white poplar. They include the Rainbow bridge poem and you lost little friends personal information. They sell for $59.99 plus $10.00 for shipping. 



The item below was made for the woman of my dreams, she is the most important person in my life and I am darn lucky she puts up with me and all the time I spend making this stuff for other people. She truly is my little angel and I am so glad she found me.

These special words are only an attempt at how I feel about her, If you would like a similar one for a special person in your life then email and ask me about the Special Friend plaque in Natural White Poplar. They sell for $59.99 plus $10.00 for shipping. 

Next to those are engraved images on Birch that truly have amazing results. These also sell for $39.99with the frame included.


Here is a cool sign I made for a friends cabin, laser depth about 1/8 inch deep into spruce or pine wood. it will stain and finish up nice. They sell for $ 39.99 USD plus S & H. Custom make the wording and logos are yours to pick I have thousands of them. The bottom one is 18 x 20 Red Cedar laser etched design which will make a beautiful road or yard sign. The bottom one sells for 99.99 plus shipping and handling.

The following samples are on Black Chipped Edge Slate and make awesome very unique wedding or grad portraits gifts. They are 16 x 8 inches and can be placed on a mantle or hung on the wall with an additional hanger attachment. They sell for $89.99 CDN plus S & H. These truly make your love written in stone. We can add wedding details or vows if desired at no additional charge.

16" x 8" Slate plaque                  Close up of the photo

Nature Prints - By Dave Jensen

We also have a large variety of nature prints available from an incredible artist "Dave Jansen" showing many different nature scenes. They Can be purchased as an original print signed by the artist or transferred by laser to beautiful paper, wood or slate. See for your self how nice these are. Dave is available to do custom drawings for a fee for any customer. Please e-mail if interested. These items sell for 89.99 plus S & H on 12 x 12 x 3/8  inch granite or slate set either square or diagonally, This is a slate laser etched with a cougar print 

More of DAVE JENSEN'S incredible original prints can be viewed by clicking here  

These can also be made on other materials such as slate with natural broken edge on 8 x 16 x 1/4 inch thick for  $59.99 U.S.D. or framed 5 x 7 on paper or imported high quality wooden plaque or white art matt for $39.99 U.S.D. plus S & H.

We are always open to new ideas, Innovation is the key to satisfied friends.
Have an idea or a question then email me at:
and tell me your ideas! The worst that can happen is that you have to wait until I can make it and send it to you.  

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